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Ronald E. Sutcliffe, Executive Producer: Signs of Success
Ronald E. Sutcliffe was raised on a farm in Iowa and attended the Iowa School for the Deaf. After graduation with a major in business at Gallaudet College in 1959, he became an accountant at the College and held many responsible positions within the business office. In 1988, he became a faculty member of the Department of Business Administration before becoming the dean of the School of Management in 1996. He retired in 2001, he holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland.

He has received numerous awards for his contributions: the Butler County (Iowa) Hall of Fame; the 2001 Gallaudet University yearbook, Tower Clock was dedicated to him; the 1997 Frederick C. Schreiber Leadership Award; the 1996 Hall of Fame from the Iowa School for the Deaf. Dr. Sutcliffe has served as board member for numerous organizations of the Deaf including the National Association of the Deaf and the American Athletic Association of the Deaf now known as the U.S.A. Deaf Sports Federation. He also is a founding member of the National Deaf Business Institute that gears to help build economic power among Deaf persons. He is married to Agnes Dunn and has five children and five grandchildren. He enjoys traveling and makes his home between Ocean City, Maryland and Adelphi, Maryland.

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Jane Norman, Producer and Director: Signs of Success
Jane Norman is a Professor in the Communication Studies department at Gallaudet University and a former Chair of the Television, Photography and Digital Media Department. In 1985, she was contracted by the television department at Gallaudet University to re-design Images, a half-hour television program which resulted in the Emmy-award winning Deaf Mosaic national television program. She is known for her pioneering work with NEWSIGN 4, KRON-TV 4 in San Francisco. During the 1988 Deaf President Now revolution at Gallaudet University, she was the media director for the DPN Council. Dr. Norman has taught several courses related to image of Deaf people in the media. She has produced numerous award-winning video projects over the years and is a freelance producer and media consultant. She recently served as the Deaf Culture and Media Consultant for the PAX cable television series, Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye. Dr. Norman received her M.A. from New York University and Ph.D. from Howard University.

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Darrell Johnson, Web Master, Editor: Signs of Success
Darrell Johnson is a Multimedia Specialist in the Television Production Services department at Gallaudet University. He has produced and directed numerous film and video productions over the years earning himself Cable Broadcasting Awards and the Telly Award for his work. He received his B.A. (Communications) from Columbus State University and his currently completing his M.F.A. (Film) at Howard University. Most recently he has received the Communicator Award of Excellence for the website Who Wants to be Somebody?. This Gallaudet Recruitment website offered a engaging way for prospective students and their parents to learn about Gallaudet University.


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Jeff Murray, Technical Support Coordinator: Signs of Success

Joey Aguerila, Actor: Signs of Success
The hands you see signing Signs of Success are Joey Aguerila’s. He is a junior at Gallaudet University majoring in Psychology. Originally from Dominican Republic, Joey moved to Providence, Rhode Island when he was ten years old. His acting credits include Jon Kovac’s world tour of Rathskellar where he performed in Vancouver, Sweden and Denmark; Quest: Art for All’s Roadsigns company: Wild Zappers; and numerous university theatrical productions. He also appeared in Gallaudet University’s television production of G-Files. Joey conducts workshops for Deaf children in acting improvisations and mime. His goal upon graduation is to work as a counselor with Deaf and Hearing adolescents.

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